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Ilia Kulik

Ilia is the best got news for the rest the yellow shirt is from his
mom, and so concluding this, my moma will "never" sew me a dress. J/K
Ilia it's cool.
-The Coyote

Two verses from the epic poem "A Tribute to Ilia"
Ilia, Ilia
Do your quad
As we admire
Your hunky bod

We like you
O Ilia, Ilia
And are glad you don't have

Ilia wears strange shirt
A friend works hard to sew it
so he ignores taunts

Ilia an actor?
What character will he play?
Geoffrey the Giraffe?

How come, Ilia? Why?
Why did you skin a giraffe?
Is a zebra next?

When I look away
From you, dappled snorting youth,
I can still see spots.

"The Ilia Kulik Wouldn t Wear Blue for Rhapsody In Blue Blues"
His skate was nearly flawless
He landed his quad too
My favorite Gershwin music
In black and yellow? Eeeeeeeeewwww!

With pink cheeks and blond hair
He looked so nice in blue
In his Aladdin costume
Who dresses him now? Peeeeeeeeewwww!

I got the blues
Who sold him that outfit?
When you go to the Olympics, you shouldn t look like................
a yellow vinyl twit!
He coulda looked so good, but I got the
Ilia Kulik wouldn t wear blue

Soars like an eagle
Graceful as a pure white swan
Dressed like a giraffe

Hey Ilia!
We loved you and that's a fact,
but it turns out that you are a quack.
You say you want to get married?
I just hope her armpits aren't hairy!
We stuck up for you when you dressed so funny.
Now I'm thinking of sending you a costume like a monkey.
We even had an Ilia day at school.
Some people thought we were fools.
And when we sent you our beautiful picture,
you didn't even send us your autograph, mister!
As for worlds, you pulled out.
For that we can't give you very much clout.
I must admit your quad is still the best,
but as for hunk of the Olympics, I think Johnny Mosley passes the test!

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