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Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

"The Silent Dance"
Silvery skates glide silently over the ice.
Pristine and clear, erased of all things past.
The air is fresh and clean, cold on the skin.
No music is heard -------- there is no sound.

Two shadowy figures appear from the darkness,
Stroking the ice together as one.
They hear a music unheard to me.
They do not know that they can be seen.

I quietly watch them as they skate.
Round and round they dance, solemn and silent.
Gliding, swooping ,soaring as if beautiful birds.
Magical creatures, real once --------- in a time past.

They skated to music for all to hear,
And danced with blissful elegance and grace.....
For all to see with dazzled eyes.
For all to wonder how they came to be.

So now they skate only in my mind's eye,
In a hazy memory of passion and delight.
Dancing endlessly through the measures of time,
Skating on as though they still were one.

Hand on beloved face
Sweet, sad the Sarabande.
Hand reaches for the face--
She leads a long sweet chase
To his reaching, longing hand--
Till hand touches loved face.
Sweet, sweet the Sarabande.

"It Takes Two to Shift a Trunk"
Sly eye, golden curl
Man falls backwards over trunk
Into a tango.

"Bridge over Troubled Waters"
A bridge in autumn
strong arms, knees span bank to bank
One joy flows in two.

T&D's Song of India was exotic
Many found their movements erotic
They debuted at World Pros
Soundly beating all foes
Making the other ice dancers neurotic!

Golden Dreams on an icy floor
Gliding through time
two skaters divine
Wish we could hold you forever more

If water ne'er froze
if music never moved souls
- policeman and clerk

There was a young couple from Notting UM
On ice there was simply no stopping UM
They danced to Ravel
And made our hearts swell
You won't never see nobody topping UM

There was a town called Lillehammer,
Where T&D brought some glamour,
The somersault was bold,
But they were robbed of gold,
And the judges should be in the slammer!

There was a young couple from Nottingham,
Whose free dance was simply awesome,
At Sarajevo,
They all screamed bravo!
And then compared it to Barnum!

Golden figures dance,
As golden greats of the past,
Gold shines on new stars.

There was a young lad called Dean,
Who’s edges were terribly clean.
After one show,
He struck a blow,
To top superstar Mr Bean.

There was a young gal called Jayne,
I last saw her skating in Maine.
She was incredibly good,
Like Martin Smith’s hood,
But she left early to catch her plane.

Sensuous skating.
Romantic from head to toe.
Broke the tabloids' hearts.

harp, Torvill and Dean
Summertime's lazy lament
hearts softly breaking

Unison and charisma,
You are Jayne and Chris!

Torvill and her Dean
soaring high above their dream
dance on icy clouds

Racing cars is nuts!!
Risking life and limb for speed.
Scaring Jayne to death!!!!!!

Singing all those songs.
Make a record that you hate.
Then hope no one knows.

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