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Jayne Torvill

"Ode to Jayne Torvill's Socks"
Oh! Skates to thee we owe our dreams,especially those on Torvill and Dean.
And inside the boots on Jayne's little feet, are two tiny socks, in size ----- petite.
Those socks have skated everywhere, because Jayne and Chris are the perfect pair.
And, oh, the stories they could tell, of Jayne and Chris who skate so well.

They've been darned and mended, but seldom offended,
'Til in Ninety-four, when the judging was poor.
It was at that time that Jayne's little socks,
Were forced to go through the "school of hard knocks!"

But Jayne's little socks, both " Torvill and Dean,"
Packed up their skates and went back on the scene,
To Facing the Music and skating each night,
For hundreds of people, who took such delight.

So who knows if those socks are white, pink, or blue,
We do know for certain they *are* not brand new.
We just hope we'll see them inside those white skates,
With Torvill and Dean skating once more as mates.

So please if you're listening, dear Jayne and dear Chris,
Consider those socks and granting our wish....
To see you Torvill and Dean,
Skating your magic... if just in our dreams.

Mysterious Jayne
Glorious dancer
Shares more than
she shows, safe
beyond her window

Her smile is lighting up the sky
While she is softly skating by
Nymphlike inspiration in her name
Radiant, lovely, gentle Jayne.

Skater, dancer, goddess, queen,
Helper and partner for Chris Dean
Example for your skating fans
Who travel miles to catch a glance.

Personality, pure and sweet
I hope, again we'll meet
Ice Princess from the very start
You'll always be in our heart.

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