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Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning's neat feet
Skating better than ever
And in hockey skates

Kurt Browning. Class act.
Antares. Eye popping. Wow!
Blade wizard. Skate on!

I loved Casablanca
And Brickhouse never made me glum
But the Tragically Hip
Just sound Tragically Dumb

"A Extreme Case of Following the Examples of Heroes: Kurt Browning and Scott Hamilton"
Kurt Browning likes Scottie
Calls Scottie "Skate God"
Now Browning is balding
Isn't that odd?

Kurt Browning's a fine skater, I guess
And some gals think he's a "hottie"
I only see a short, balding, insecure man
Who wants so badly to be like Scotty.

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