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Michelle Kwan

I have you on tape
You are star of my highlights
I watch you everyday

As I watch you skate
Higher still my mood rises

Michelle Kwan only
Won silver. In our hearts she
Is always golden.

A young girl, always in the shadow of the spotlights
During your first Olympics, you weren't even given
A chance to shine
A young woman, you reflected these radiant lights
Your second Olympics, your beautiful edges should have
Outshined them all
A silver medalist, remember that the lights love you
Your every move will glimmer in the yellow hue
And you'll appear GOLDEN

Smiling for the press
"Happy to have won silver!"
Wiping away tears

You're my favorite skater
You always will be
I think that you are fantastic
I love you so very much

Your skating is breathtaking
Your performance is never dull
I want to meet you alive
I can't express how much I love you

Michelle, Michelle
A jewel , a belle
don't take yourself so seriously
chill, girl, chill

Michelle, Michelle, your
Please grow back your hair!

Michelle Kwan
Is as graceful as a swan
She tried to reach the top
But then she went kerplop

Sorry baby, try again next time
Remember dear, it's quite uncouth to whine
You did your best
Hopefully next
Olympics it will be time to shine

Michelle Kwan, Silver
Very sad, it's just too bad
Tara's on tonight

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