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Nicole Bobek

"It's Just Nicole"
Who is as pretty as a flower?
Who skates around the ice with power?
Who spins around quick as a tire?
Oh, itís just Nicole with Fire.

The girl with fire in her eyes.
It shouldnít come as a surprise.
The spiral always looks so nice.
Oh, itís just Nicole on ice.

Her triple toe loops go so high.
Her programs sometimes make us cry.
Her career we often miscontrue.
Oh, itís just Nicole in blue.

So whoís that girl with charisma and spirit.
Come on itís time! I want to hear it!
Whoís smile portrays such sparkle and shine?
Oh, itís just Nicole in 99.
-Jim P

In the
World Championships of 1997
When you went down on your knees
Looking towards heaven

To thank your coach
You touched us all

Loud gruff voice
Out of delicate ruby lips
Unpleasant surprise

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