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Pasha Grishuk, Evgeny Platov, Jayne Torvill, and Christopher Dean

Grishuk and Platov, Torvill and Dean
Could this be a rivalry we've overseen
Both teams are great
So let's start a debate
Well, let's skip the men of these teams
Why? Um, because so it seems
That the do not care
About popularity here
Grishuk and Torvill, it boils down to -
Whatever the outcome, don't go boo-hoo -
Grishuk has hair that is just so gold
Torvill, well she's just gettin' old
Grishuk's English accent is just so darn charming
Torvill's plumpness is way too alarming!
So, overall, what's the ring?
Pasha wins by far, after all,
She can sing!

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