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Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz

"Ode to Bloc Judging"
Bourne and Kraatz can't win
Judging for dance a fraud - but
Triumph in their hearts

The judges refuse to let you
Reach the top of the podium
We expect to see rage and frustration from you
But we look at your faces
As you fly across the ice
And there is only joy
You love to dance
In the end that is all that matters
You are true champions

simple beauty found in such a pair,
canada blood, strong and true,
sending snow flying everywhere:
Shae and Vic, this is for you
i have never seen edges so deep,
on any other ice-dance team.
surmounting challenges oh so steep,
but love of fans your only dream
the medals you can leave or take,
although they're nice to own.
you do your own destiny make,
and only class you've shown.
it's unkind to not recognize
such a deserving pair,
but when life is held up for size,
life just isn't fair.
that itself goes for your side,
(i know this poem's cheesy)
but if fairness were to turn its tide,
the gold is yours so easy!

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