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Tara Lipinski

"Tara, no! this way!"
How they'd fuss if someone else
Told them how to live.
-Royal T

Tara screams with joy
no humble tears ruin face
real joy, deal with it

"Tara Lipinsky"
I lik your costumes
There very purty
I lik the pink one
It was never durty
-Angie Rose

Tara Lipinski with her smile so bright
Showed the world at Nagano that she can fight
Her anthem was sung
I hear she speaks her own tongue
That's why her fans think she's so tight

Sheik, leak, creak, sneek, seek, meek, neek, geek
Height, sight, light, quite, might, tight

Tara, Tara, teach me to speak
Your special language, I promise not to leak
I won't tell a soul
My spirit will be whole
'cuz I will no longer be a geek

Tara Lipinski
Perfect technicality
Zero artistry

Tiny Tara wins
too soon--angers Michelle¢s fans
then goes pro. Surprise!

Wins worlds at age fourteen,
turns pro at age fifteen,
two year career. Hurmph.

Yodeling Costume,
Hair bun,
Who? Tara Lipinski

Frenzied jumper, robotic shrimp
Olympic champ

Tara and Taylor
Hansons, match made in heaven
A wedding on ice

Flat as a pancake
looks like she's 8
expects to win every time she skates
spoiled little rich girl
gets what she wants
what will happen when the winning stops?

Oh, dear Tara Lipinski!
You're small and oh so boney
You look like Rice-A-Roni!

Slimmer than a toothpick
Looking like a stick
Your chest is firmer than a brick
You really make me sick!

Tara Lipinski is turning pro,
Did you think there was any other way she'd go?
She claims it's not for the money,
Do you really believe her honey?
She says she wants to get to know her father,
And beating Michelle Kwan can be such a bother
So go away Tara but remember this mantra,
Don't become a drunk like Oksana!

"To Tara, Upon Winning the Gold Medal"
Oh Tara, Tara, Tara
We couldn't believe it was real
For once, a ladies singles champion
With zero sex appeal

You proved the gold could be won
With a body like a rail
Maybe I, too, can do the same
But, then, I am a male

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