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Todd Eldredge

Poor Todd should be glad
He has no olympic gold
But he still has hair!

"To Todd Eldredge"
Like a dream I remember in long ago days
You came on so strong and the world was amazed
Then they said you were worthless and threw you away
But you came back again and you carried the day
Time after time you got back in the race
And competed with modesty, courage and grace
You fought through the pain, gave no reason to doubt you
But some couldn't believe, so they told lies about you
Then they said you were timid, and said you were weak
But against swaggering upstarts, the last word you did speak

They said "too unemotional out on the ice"
They said you were boring, said you were too nice
Next to loud leather heroes they said you were pale
Behind fancy-dress jump gods they said you would fail
You fell short of the mark, your dream at an end
But in your dark hour, you stayed close by your friend
You went to the Worlds, you did not have to go
And just when it seemed it would end all in wo
You came back to skate against the cream of the crop
The young ones, the old ones and it's still you on top

Now you skate on, in your costume of blue
Spins perfectly centered, your jumps high and true
Where are they all now as you stand tall on the ice
You could laugh in their face - but not you, you're "too nice"
You've been on top of the world and down flat on your ass
But through every moment you've shown nothing but CLASS
Hardworking and patient, grateful and loyal
Soft spoken and gracious, a First Knight most royal
Not hidden away, but plain for all to see
Courage, strength, faith, hope and humility

Those who take medals are great, we are told
But greater are they who give us their own gold
Someday you will triumph and win whatever prize
It takes to make these things clear to their blind eyes
And they'll sit there and wonder, "How were we so wrong"
But some will have known, you were GOLD all along.
- Donna and Rachael

Fisherman's son lands
Cat-like on water frozen
Purpose strong and true

he's best of the best,
my favorite of 'em all;
he's passed every test,
(if with the occasional fall!)
he's brave and he's persistent,
to stick with it so long;
he's single-mindedly bent,
to skate to a new, cool song.
what with his sport demanding,
the best from any view;
he's plain and clear outstanding,
Todd Eldredge, I love you.
I love your neato spin,
it just couldn't be neater;
I love to watch you when--
oh, that dizzying eggbeater!
he loves to improvise,
as a skater he is bold;
using any move he can devise,
he surely deserves the gold.
and an UNDERSTATED thing i'll add,
ere my poem's done;
(which surely makes you all SO sad)
not bad for a fisherman's son!*

Fisherman's son lands
Cat-like on water frozen
Purpose strong and true

Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd
Figure-skatin' wonder from Cape Cod,
Isn't it odd
That you don't have a quad?
That's OK sweetie
I still lust after your bod.

After menĘs event
we sit, stunned and sad for him.
Then we say *Poor Todd*.

Todd Eldredge
Poor tense nervous Todd
Spins so well and falls so hard
Take up knitting, Todd!

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